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Study Suggests More Thought Needed Regarding Fish Size Limits

“Rules that allow only the catching of larger fish may encourage their replacement with slower growing, more timid varieties.That, at least, is the concern of researchers who studied test populations in two artificial lakes and report their findings in this week’s edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Peter A. Biro of the…

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I Need Your Serious Attention

If all you are interested in is fly tying and the most recent success on the Grand River using whatever patterns, then skip this entire post, and go here and here.  This post is for those thinkers, who want to think, and who want to rise to meet challenges that are going to be put…

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Shore Lunches

Mostly, I’m a “catch and release” guy.  But I don’t  buy into what C & R has become; almost a religion among some anglers.  Small stream brookies, small river brown trout and even smallmouth bass, I release.  However, there are times when eating what I catch – I have no guilt about.  Big ‘bows caught…

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