All About Fly Fishing!


What Are Wet Flies?

Often, a beginner to fly fishing may hear terms that confuse them or that are not very clear at first. One of those terms is “wet flies.” What is a “wet fly” exactly? In the sport of fly fishing, “flies” are used in the same way that lures or live bait is used in other…

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Wading Safely While Fly Fishing

While it may be tempting to come across a new beautiful river and get out your fly fishing gear and waders, there are times when you should take some precautions. Flowing water can be dangerous and there are times when a pretty river can be hazardous. Before you step into the river with your waders…

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Is Czech Nymphing Really Fly Fishing?

There is no doubt that the Czech nymphing style of fishing is very effective and can catch lots of fish. But it’s not always accepted by some anglers as being a legitimate technique that can be called fly fishing. Most anglers would probably include a definition of fly fishing that a fly is cast to…

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