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Thought I’d head out this morning for a couple of hours to the small lake I’ve been fishing recently.  I have plans to fish this evening as well, but the weather forecast is calling for possible thunderstorms and rain.  It was cloudy and windy earlier but no thunderstorms happening. It was very breezy when I…

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Thank You, Rudy!

Rudy is a little Maltese dog that we got last year when he was a puppy. Now, I might not be able to train Rudy to fetch beer for me, but he does have pure white hair that has some marabou like qualities to it when under water. Last year, I tied up some streamers…

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An Interesting Afternoon And Evening

With this being the Canada Day long weekend, I expected there to be crowds on the water today. Instead, when I arrived at about 4PM, there was one other person on the water besides me. At least at the stretch I’ve been enjoying getting to know better, recently. Perhaps it was the stiff breezes that…

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