All About Fly Fishing!


Is Czech Nymphing Really Fly Fishing?

There is no doubt that the Czech nymphing style of fishing is very effective and can catch lots of fish. But it’s not always accepted by some anglers as being a legitimate technique that can be called fly fishing. Most anglers would probably include a definition of fly fishing that a fly is cast to…

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Bagpipes And Fly Fishing

What do bagpipes and fly fishing have in common? Well, off the top of my head, I can’t really think of too much other than both are enjoyed in Scotland and my “home country” of Northern Ireland. Also, as well as fly fishing, I have recently begun bagpipe lessons. Actually, in order to learn the…

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Fly Fishing For Walleye?

Not many fly anglers target walleye, and I’ve spoken with a few who don’t think it’s worth their time to do so.  For some reason, many anglers also believe walleye to be a “warm water” fish – and I’m not sure how it ever got that designation. Admittedly, I’ve not targeted Walleye myself very often,…

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