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More Lessons

My good friend Ian James has always advised me that it’s a good idea if one can do it, to go out with other guides/casting instructors – perhaps two different ones a year if one can do it. He’s right.  You can always learn something new – and sometimes dramatically so – when spending time…

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Good News!

As previously reported, Ian Colin James suffered a serious heart attack last week.  As a result, he had to undergo a triple by-pass operation.  I have not had a  chance to speak with him, but reports are that he is doing great and moving around veins and arteries after six hours of surgery did not…

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Crappy News!

For those know Ian James, you might want to be aware that he suffered a heart attack last week. He’s presently in hospital and I just spoke with him – he seems to be in good spirits but he had some nurses giving him some attention so I’m to call him back later. I’ll find…

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