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Tenkara – Japanese Fly Fishing

I was browsing the New York Times when I came across an article about Japanese style fly fishing. Naturally, I wondered what the differences might be between the techniques we use for fly fishing and that used apparently traditionally in Japan. In reality, it seems very close to what we would call “dappling” or “dapping…

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Tony Spezio Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Long time readers and visitors may know that some years ago (year 2000 to exact), Sage produced a video which I took exception to in how they compared rods to those that are hand made of split cane. After writing an article on the video, several cane rod builders contacted me and thanked me for…

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Going To BC For Some Fly Fishing? Don’t Drink & Drive!

If you’re planning on heading to British Columbia this autumn for some fly fishing, you should be aware of some new penalties in regard to drinking and driving in that Province.  BC has introduced what is claimed to be the strictest in Canada, and you can read more about the new DUI penalties here. Drinking…

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