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More Success Fly Fishing Lakes

Do you really want to have more success when you are fly fishing lakes? Lakes offer some tremendous opportunities for fly anglers and often, bigger fish than are typically found in small rivers and streams can be had. Even large ponds can hold some big old brutes of fish. Although many anglers when fly fishing…

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Sweet! No. 2

Other than a brief outing the other day to try out the Meiser Fly rod, I’ve been in bed, sleeping, napping, and feeling miserable getting over a nasty virus. Woke up today and felt much better, and after feeling up to unpacking my suitcases from the trip to Grande Prairie, I thought I’d go back…

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Rainbows At The Lake

I still have to write up a full report of my day on Six Mile Water in Antrim, Northern Ireland – but yesterday and today I decided to spend about an hour each day at a rainbow trout lake just minutes from my home. It’s interesting that sometimes, the fish simply won’t take what seems…

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