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Fly Fishing Chironomids – Three Tips

Chironomids can be an extremely important part of the diet of rainbow trout and other fish species, especially in stillwater. Knowing how to effectively fish chironomid patterns will definitely increase your chances of having a successful day on the lake with the fly rod. Here’s three tips to keep in mind: Tip #1 – Fish…

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Opening Day – 2010

It started out typical of previous Opening Days – with Dave up and “at ’em” earlier than me.  He started his day be fishing some creeks and rivers and then onto Lake Eugenia, where he caught a few small brook (speckled) trout. I later met Dave in the afternoon in Orangeville, and we decided to…

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Banned Boobies

I’d never heard much about “Booby Flies” until a few years ago, when I started doing more stillwater fly fishing. My friend Arron Varga introduced them to me, and when he did, I thought they were pretty weird looking. I still don’t quite understand what the attraction to the fish are that take them, although…

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