All About Fly Fishing!

Fishing With David

Hey Dad, I Did It!

That’s the “wee man,” smiling his little heart out after tying up our Copper Oval Tinsel Chironomid pattern.  This time, David did just about everything on his own.  He was pretty proud of himself as well he should be.  We went over our materials list first and  he recalled just about everything we needed.  He…

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More Tying With David – And RodMaker Magazine

I had another enjoyable evening with my seven year old son! He’s the best! Well, all of my sons are the best although I don’t get to see the older three as often as I’d like. But I’m told that one of the older ones will be making the trek from Ottawa to Orangeville to…

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Our First Fly Tying Video!

Ok, so it’s not the most professional of productions but it was a lot of fun to make it. After tying up a few woolly buggers, David decided he wanted to make a video, in his words, “to teach other kids how to tie a woolly bugger.” I thought it would be a great thing…

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