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Urban Fly Fishing – You Don’t Have To Travel Far

Although the prospects of traveling to a distant river or lake where there is solitude in the remoteness of the area can be exciting, many fly anglers really don’t have to travel far in order to enjoy their sport. Many have a perception of fly fishing as being on rivers that are far from the…

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Urban Fly Fishing – City Of Guelph

Guelph, Ontario is considered one of the top Canadian cities to live in with its low crime rate and standard of living for its residents. Named for the UK’s royal family, it is often referred to as The Royal City and has some beautiful architecture in the downtown core. Although it is a City, there…

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Whitecourt Fly Fishing Club

Previously, I made almost once a month trips to Whitecourt, AB. However those trips have not been as frequent for the happy (for me) reason that Colleen finally was able to move to my Province. On my trips to Whitecourt, I was able to get in some fishing at Carson Pegasus, the Freeman River, and…

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