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Waterproof Fly Boxes – Who Cares?

I’ve been looking at some of the newer (and very expensive) fly boxes that are now available. It’s seems funny to me that many of them are being sold as if “waterproofness” was a big deal as far as fishing flies. One company says of their boxes, “These boxes have an absolute airtight seal with…

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From Scuba Diving To Fly Fishing

Being a manufacturer of scuba diving gear and coming up with innovative designs might help you break into the fly fishing market.  Omega Aquatics Inc is doing just that with their new Navigator FlipFins™, fins that will apparently make it easier for anglers that use float tubes when fly fishing.  Blades can be flipped up…

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Mind Your Mono

I just posted my review of the nifty tool that no angler should be without: The monoMaster.  It’s a fantastic device that holds waste monofilament and fly fishing anglers should really take to this. As well, I’ve just discovered that there is another suggested solution to modern mono and the hazards it can pose when…

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