All About Fly Fishing!

Brown Trout

Another Fly Fishing Myth

Recently, I’ve written a couple of posts about where I’ve found errors in fact by so called “experts” in regard to fly fishing. In “Free Fly Fishing Advice,” I wrote about reading where an “expert” had answered a question about tippets and suggested you matched your tippet to the type of fish you were pursuing.…

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Home From “Norn Iron”

Arrived back in Ontario, Canada yesterday afternoon after spending just under a week in Northern Ireland.   The weather was awesome if you’re into sunshine and tanning your skin – but not great if you wanted to fly fish. A very non-typical week of bright sunshine without a single drop of rain.   In fact, I came…

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I’m getting more excited! I’ve finally managed to firm up a date for fishing with Stevie Munn when I’m in Northern Ireland. The day will be the last full day that I am visiting Northern Ireland – so I hope nothing goes wrong – and I’m wondering how I will have the patience to wait…

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