All About Fly Fishing!


Opening Day – 2010

It started out typical of previous Opening Days – with Dave up and “at ’em” earlier than me.  He started his day be fishing some creeks and rivers and then onto Lake Eugenia, where he caught a few small brook (speckled) trout. I later met Dave in the afternoon in Orangeville, and we decided to…

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Banned Boobies

I’d never heard much about “Booby Flies” until a few years ago, when I started doing more stillwater fly fishing. My friend Arron Varga introduced them to me, and when he did, I thought they were pretty weird looking. I still don’t quite understand what the attraction to the fish are that take them, although…

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Prams – Flat Bottomed Boats For Fly Fishing

Many anglers like to use pontoon boats or float tubes for fly fishing stillwater. My good friend Terry Hunt has been using a pram boat – an 8 foot flat bottomed wooden boat for fly fishing, and due to requests from others, has started up a business making the pretty little boats. More here: Fly…

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