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Fly Fishing Chironomids – Three Tips

Chironomids can be an extremely important part of the diet of rainbow trout and other fish species, especially in stillwater. Knowing how to effectively fish chironomid patterns will definitely increase your chances of having a successful day on the lake with the fly rod. Here’s three tips to keep in mind: Tip #1 – Fish…

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Sunday Afternoon With Arron

Arron Varga and I had arranged to meet to fly fish together this afternoon. It was freezing! This summer has been one of the oddest that I’ve ever experienced.  With a brisk wind blowing, and the temperature only about 10C,  I wasn’t properly dressed.  I didn’t realize how chilly it was before I left the…

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Freight Train Rainbow Trout

Today was one of those days where I was spending several hours doing some aggravating type of work – kind of mind numbing stuff.  The sun was shining through the window, and the thermometer told me it was very nice outside.  The weather forecast told me that the next few days were not going to…

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