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What Are Wet Flies?

Often, a beginner to fly fishing may hear terms that confuse them or that are not very clear at first. One of those terms is “wet flies.” What is a “wet fly” exactly? In the sport of fly fishing, “flies” are used in the same way that lures or live bait is used in other…

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Sometimes, someone new to fly fishing may get confused about the terminology that is often used in the sport. Perhaps one of the first new words a new fly angler will hear is “nymph.” What are nymphs and how important are they to fly fishing? In this sport, the fly is the equivalent of bait…

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Waterproof Fly Boxes – Who Cares?

I’ve been looking at some of the newer (and very expensive) fly boxes that are now available. It’s seems funny to me that many of them are being sold as if “waterproofness” was a big deal as far as fishing flies. One company says of their boxes, “These boxes have an absolute airtight seal with…

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