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atlantic salmon

How To Catch More Salmon Than Ever Before!

Salmon Fishing Tips to catch more fish than ever! ROD For stream fishing, almost any trout rod will due. However, these can sometimes be too light and too short to handle a hookup with a large fish. I would suggest an 8’0” to 10’0” rod. For the 8’0” to 8’6” range, you would want a…

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Master Salmon Fishing Tips To Become A Better Fisherman

Salmon and steelhead fishing can at time be extremely difficult. Therefore, my site is dedicated to providing information to anglers, beginners and advanced anglers alike. If you would like to view countless tips and tactics for salmon and steelhead please feel free to view Steelhead Fishing Tips. One technique that I always practice is being…

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Another Fly Fishing Myth

Recently, I’ve written a couple of posts about where I’ve found errors in fact by so called “experts” in regard to fly fishing. In “Free Fly Fishing Advice,” I wrote about reading where an “expert” had answered a question about tippets and suggested you matched your tippet to the type of fish you were pursuing.…

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