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Total FlyFisher Magazine

I recently received a couple of issues of Total FlyFisher Magazine, courtesy of Trevor Northan, who works for the UK publisher – David Hall Publishing Ltd. So far I’ve been through the February 2010 issue, and have very much enjoyed it. Most of the articles have been about fishing English waters, but there is one…

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An Evening With Bob McKenzie

Years ago, when I first saw and was able to touch and feel a pair of Simms Guide waders, I salivated. At the time, due to having expenses such as child support and other things that I needed to pay, I was unable to afford the hefty retail price and couldn’t justify spending the money.…

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Fly Porn

There it is – on page 89: “Parental Advisory Explicit Fly Porn.” I just received the issue of Hatches Magazine that I ordered last week. What a great job the publishers have done. I haven’t counted the number of articles in it, but have been leafing through, getting ideas and looking at the great photography…

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