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grand river

The Upper Grand River In Spring

Last Thursday turned into a gorgeous day with the sun shining brightly and the temperature hitting about 15 or 16C in Southern Ontario.  Most of the snow had melted away, and it was one of those days that just shouldn’t be wasted indoors. Especially at this time of the year when such sunny warm days…

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Another post on conservation related subject because it’s on my mind.  It stems from recent discussions and some of my thoughts on what I find baffling:  Trying to turn the Conestogo River into a brown trout river when there is already populations of native fish in the river. I would like to see “enhancement” for…

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Sigh – How Grand Is the Grand Plan?

I’m being taken to task in another forum – even being accused of a “bass whacker” and someone that has garbage cleaned up after me, for suggesing the “Grand Plan” is fraudulent, and should not be applied as any sort of model to the Conestogo River. Here’s the “Grand Plan” official report, for public consumption.…

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