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Youth Fly Fishing Opportunities in Manitoba

Yesterday, the Winnipeg Free Press published a short article on a couple of opportunities to get youth more involved in the sport of fly fishing.  The article entitled “A reel opportunity for kids,” reports that a program called “Reel Solutions For Kids” founded by Doug and Janice Leroux targets youth “at risk.”  Originally founded in…

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Another Happy Snowbee Junior Owner

I received a very nice email and photograph from Trevor Northan, Business Development Manager of Total Sea Fishing Magazine.  Trevor writes, “I just came across your article (ed. Snowbee Classic Junior Fly Rod) purely by accident, and I gave the same Snowbee rod to my Granddaughter who started fly fishing at 7 years of age. Having been a…

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Hey Dad, I Did It!

That’s the “wee man,” smiling his little heart out after tying up our Copper Oval Tinsel Chironomid pattern.  This time, David did just about everything on his own.  He was pretty proud of himself as well he should be.  We went over our materials list first and  he recalled just about everything we needed.  He…

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