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Another Fly Fishing Myth

Recently, I’ve written a couple of posts about where I’ve found errors in fact by so called “experts” in regard to fly fishing. In “Free Fly Fishing Advice,” I wrote about reading where an “expert” had answered a question about tippets and suggested you matched your tippet to the type of fish you were pursuing.…

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Not Lucky On Emerald Lake

It looked somewhat promising. Partly cloudy and about 20C outside the kitchen window in Whitecourt, Alberta.  Thus far during our little vacation with Colleen, my son and I have not had much opportunity to experience any fishing in Alberta. The days we thought we’d head out turned out to be rainy, chilly and windy –…

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A Good Day, A Bad Day, A Good Day

It’s been one of those days when one finally goes to sleep, he’s not sure whether to pronounce upon the day that just passed as “good” or “bad.” First, I did get some stuff accomplished that helps pay for my fly fishing habit. Then, it really started to get “good” around 7PM, when I said…

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