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Canadian Fly Fishing Championships At Fernie, BC

Just received some unofficial individual results for the 2009 Canadian Fly Fishing Championships. 1st Place: John Nishi 2nd Place: Ryan Suffron 3rd Place: Todd Oishi I haven’t heard the team results yet but this year, there were only 9 teams competing.  There was also a report that some of the beats on the Elk River…

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Arron Varga Could Use Your Help

Regular readers might recognize the name Arron Varga, one of my teammates for the past two years on The Ospreys fly fishing team participating in The Canadian Fly Fishing Championships. From personal experience, I can say that Arron is one of the most selfless anglers I know, always willing to share his knowledge about fly…

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Support The Canadian Youth Team

This email from Ian James, I’ll post in its entirety: “Folks: As you probably saw in the latest issue of the Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine, (Feb/March. 10th Anniversary) Chris M, Jack Simpson and I have put together a fly promo to help raise a few funds for the Canadian Youth Team. I have posted all…

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