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Fly Fishing For Walleye?

Not many fly anglers target walleye, and I’ve spoken with a few who don’t think it’s worth their time to do so.  For some reason, many anglers also believe walleye to be a “warm water” fish – and I’m not sure how it ever got that designation. Admittedly, I’ve not targeted Walleye myself very often,…

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Recent Additions

Recent additions to the site include some short articles but that were meant to answer some questions I’ve received via email. Here you go: Stillwater Fly Fishing – Three Quick Tips Can You Catch Catfish On A Fly Rod? Fly Fishing Gear – Not Just For Men Anymore

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Walleye and Pike (Jack) On The Fly

Today was a day of firsts. My first time fishing the Athabasca River.  Kade MacKenzie’s first time fishing with a fly rod.   I really wanted to get out fly fishing this afternoon, and asked Kade if he wanted to come along. I figured his local knowledge would be a huge help as I had no…

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