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Fly Tying – Ways To Learn

Many fly anglers who are new to the sport have purchased their flies from a local fly shop. Now, they want to learn how to tie their own flies but don’t know where to start. Here’s some ideas on you can learn and become a better fly tier. Books & Videos Many great fly tiers…

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Hey Dad, I Did It!

That’s the “wee man,” smiling his little heart out after tying up our Copper Oval Tinsel Chironomid pattern.  This time, David did just about everything on his own.  He was pretty proud of himself as well he should be.  We went over our materials list first and  he recalled just about everything we needed.  He…

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David’s First Wooly Bugger

Back in August, I picked up a White River Trout Fly Tying Kit from Bass Pro Shops for my son David’s 7th birthday. I could have put some things together myself, for him but the kit came with a DVD video with instructions on tying six fly patterns including a Wooley Bugger. It’s not a…

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