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Irish Fly Fair 2010

Our good friend Stevie Munn will be appearing as both a tyer and organizer at the Irish Fly Fair 2010 this November.  Being held in County Galway, the Irish Fly Fair runs on November 13-14 and will feature almost 40 leading fly tyers providing demonstrations and lessons. In addition, their will be fly casting demonstrations…

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Christmas Eve Fly Tying

David, my “wee man,” has come down with a bit of a bug and Colleen (still seems weird at my age to call her my “girlfriend”) is visiting her mom in Nova Scotia for Christmas.  So, I’ve been tying flies.  David came down with a cough, a bit of a fever and was feeling lethargic…

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Love To Go To This

The British Fly Fair. Stevie Munn whom I had the pleasure of hiring the services of earlier this year will be exhibiting some of his work.  Good luck, Stevie!

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