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Another Fly Fishing Myth

Recently, I’ve written a couple of posts about where I’ve found errors in fact by so called “experts” in regard to fly fishing. In “Free Fly Fishing Advice,” I wrote about reading where an “expert” had answered a question about tippets and suggested you matched your tippet to the type of fish you were pursuing.…

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The Grand Plan? Fraud Or Not

For about two decades, the Grand River in Ontario, just north, south and through Fergus has been hyped as a grand brown trout fishery. I’m having my doubts. I’d like to investigate this further – but many folk might be surprised to find out that Brown Trout are not even native to Ontario. Indeed, there…

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Trout, Bass, Fireflies And A West Texan At The Power Lines

First, I think Ian James is onto something. Second, had a great evening on the Grand River near Fergus this evening. This was a portion of the river I had never fished before, so it took me a few minutes of reconnasaince to figure out where I wanted to place myself in the river. There…

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