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Waterproof Fly Boxes – Who Cares?

I’ve been looking at some of the newer (and very expensive) fly boxes that are now available. It’s seems funny to me that many of them are being sold as if “waterproofness” was a big deal as far as fishing flies. One company says of their boxes, “These boxes have an absolute airtight seal with…

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Should Have Gone To New Orleans!

Tonight, I wanted to tie up some bead head nymphs. You think I could find my beads?? Actually, the problem is that I’ve moved several times over the past few years, so even some of my fly tying stuff is in different places, different boxes, and if I haven’t needed something or other in the…

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Yes! I Got The Brown, But Colin Caught More

Colin and I have been successful on both counts – he is still here and tonight we went fishing. Once again, on the Grand River near Elora. We arrived about 5PM, the day was sunny with some light breezes and the water very clear – close to normal flow levels and height. Although, admittedly I’ve…

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