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Fly Fishing Safety – Thunderstorms

During the seasons when thunderstorms are a risk, one of the dumbest things anyone could do is to stand in a river and wave around a graphite stick that’s 8+ feet long. Talk about a lightning rod! Sometimes, we die-hard anglers take risks when we should not – hoping for that one last chance at…

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New Fly Fishing Business Directory

Every day, I receive requests from webmasters of fly fishing and other outdoor related websites for a link to their site.  Generally, I’ve been happy to oblige if the website has content that is relevant to my site, All About Fly Fishing.  Over the course of more than a decade, links going to external websites…

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Dollaghan Trout – Northern Ireland’s Big Fat Fellow

Throughout the world, there are a huge number of different brown trout strains that fly anglers fish for. Many new strains are created regularly in order to suit local conditions in rivers and lakes where there is a desire to plant brown trout. In Northern Ireland, there is a strain of brown trout native to…

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