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Tying Time

With the date of arrival in Grande Prairie for the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships just over a week away, it’s time I got some serious tying done for the team.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pull my weight in this regard.  I enjoy tying flies – but am not used to tying them up for others’ use; mostly just for myself or my sons.  They catch fish, but are not as “perfect” as what great fly tiers tie.

But they catch fish. One thing I’ve noticed is that wet flies that are not as “perfect” as fly tying perfectionists would tie seem to match up as far as productivity – but dry flies really do require that extra bit of care sometimes.  Just my observations.  Even so, I’ve caught fish with some pretty ratty looking dries too.

Due to the competitive nature of the upcoming CFCC, I’m not at liberty to say much about the flies I’m tying, but in case there are any “spies” from other teams trying to get some ideas, I’ll give you some hints:

We’re going for the big rainbows!


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