All About Fly Fishing!

Team Building

This weekend, the team members of The Ospreys fly fishing team that will be participating in the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships in Grande Prairie next month, all managed to get together for some “team building” and camaraderie.  Ernie, Aron and I all live fairly local to one another so we’ve been able to fish together often – but the other two, Graham Murfitt and Ivo Balinov are from the Ottawa area.  This weekend was an opportunity for all of us to be together at one place, fishing and talking.

I’ve fished with Ivo before but this was my first time with Graham.  I met Graham last year at the Championships and we spoke briefly while being half hammered – so it was really great for me to spend some time fishing with him.

Quite a lot of fish were caught on some “secret patterns” over the two days, and Ivo and I likely caught the two largest fish that were caught.  We didn’t measure them, but they were very nice rainbows!

Much thanks to Humber Springs Trout Club for making their facilities available to us for our two days of fly fishing fellowship.

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