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Colin Wins The Prize – For Today

Earlier in the afternoon, I showed Colin how to tie up the Grand River fly, and we tied up some before we headed out for the river.  After grabbing a bite to eat, we were on the river at about 5 PM with Colin deciding he was most definitely going to give his newly tied…

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I Need A Notebook

I think I should pick up a small pocket hardbound or leather covered notebook to take along with me on my fishing field trips.  I think it would serve two purposes: 1. It would be helpful to remember particular conditions or anything worth noting for takes, catches, flies used, retrieval speeds if any, etc etc…

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I Think I’ve Created An Angler

So, after David’s first experience fishing, when he caught a near 2lb. rainbow trout, he’s been at me again to take him fishing.  If I keep taking him to the trout farm, I’m going to go broke!  So this afternoon, I decided to take him out for a few hours to a pond where there…

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