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Canadian Fly Fishing Championships At Fernie, BC

Just received some unofficial individual results for the 2009 Canadian Fly Fishing Championships. 1st Place: John Nishi 2nd Place: Ryan Suffron 3rd Place: Todd Oishi I haven’t heard the team results yet but this year, there were only 9 teams competing.  There was also a report that some of the beats on the Elk River…

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Good To See The Ospreys

Up until about June of last year, I was a member of The Ospreys, the team that competed in the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships. Because I had somehow severely strained my casting hand, thumb and forearm last year, I resigned from the team but am still proud to be associated with them.  Yesterday, I learned…

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Fly fishing should be fun! And that is what I’m going to be trying to focus on as the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships rapidly approaches.  Every so often, when I think about it, I get a bit of a case of “nervousness.” Competing last year for my very first time was indeed fun! At the…

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