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Some Sad News

Some readers may know that I have competed in the past in the annual Canadian Fly Fishing Championships.  Although it is a competitive event, there is something of an “Olympic Spirit” with most contestants, and we all come away learning new things – and perhaps the most important of all – making new friends and aquaintances with those we competed against.

It was with shock today that I read an email from Todd Oishi about another competitor, the Captain of Team Mustang – Wayne Yoshizawa.  Wayne is a dear friend of many of those that compete annually in the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships.  He recently underwent surgery on his back, but there were complications and presently, Wayne is paralyzed on his right side. He has no movement in his right arm or leg.

Wayne apparently is remaining optimistic and is presently in a rehabilitation centre in Vancouver. 

Join me in wishing and hoping for Wayne a speedy and full recovery. He and his family are in many folks’ prayers and thoughts at this time.

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