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Ok, Ok, I Get It..

One of the google search terms that people seem to find my site using include sexy women wearing waders.  Now, this might have something to do with the fact that I’ve written about “The Featherweights,” the first all women team to compete in the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships.  Or maybe it’s just because I’ve written about women, including sexy women, and women in waders; whatever it is, people are searching, looking and are interested.

Now first my own disclaimer – I am SURE that all the women who competed with The Featherweights would object to being solely described as sexy women in waders.  Although I can assure you that indeed, they were all quite sexy.  But far more than just sexy, they are great anglers – some are quite accomplished in guiding, fish biology, and other professional pursuits.  But.. as a man that is very heterosexual – I gotta admit they are all quite “sexy” as well.

Now, I had the privilidege of having my picture taken together with three of the women but it must have been with someone else’s camera as my camera, sadly, did not have the image.   But I do have some individual shots of me with some of the women – they all graciously agreed to have their picture taken with this dirty old fly angler.  For the ones that I don’t seem to have on my own camera, I shall be doing my best to make special arrangements to rectify this!

A shot of the entire team:


From Left To Right: Dil Perera, Brenda Atherne, Jeanne Jenkins, Silvia D’Amelio, Chari Cohen


Ok, for those of you that don’t believe that such beautiful women would ever agree to pose beside a guy like me, well… photographs never lie, right?  Ok, ok… forget about the fact that “photoshopping” can create images of just about whatever you want – I promise you these images are legitimate!



Yuck!  Red eye.. but by the time this picture was taken, we were all exhausted, so it’s appropriate. The good looking person in this picture is Brenda Atherne.




And the good looking person in this picture is Chari Cohen.




And the good looking person in this picture is Jeanne Jenkins.


So, sadly I’m missing the picture of myself with Dil, Silvia and Jeanne – that should have been a really nice foursome shot.  I’ll put out the word and see if anyone has it – and if not, well – I’ll just have to hit the river with Silvia and Dil, together or separately, and make sure I have a camera.


But there’s more about Jeanne.. and she has given me permission to share this.  Jeanne has a tatoo.  Well.. I’m told she has three tatoos.  And no, I have not seen them all..   But that brings me to something I’ve often thought about.  Yes, all three of Jeanne’s tatoos.. (get your mind out of the gutter) – but getting a tatoo myself.  I don’t know what the fascination is, but I’ve thought about.  Problem is, I could never decide “what” or “where.”  Jeanne however, has given me some specific ideas of “what” with this one of hers:




That is the “Jeannie Fly,” a salmon fly that Jeanne is sporting.  Awesome idea, huh?  Sadly, there is no “Ian Fly” and I don’t know what my favorite fly is, or what among my favorites would make for a good tatoo.. but I’m thinking about.


Anyhow, those are some of the beautiful (and sexy) women who participated in this year’s Canadian Fly Fishing Championships, and every one of them is much more than just beautiful or sexy.

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