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More Tying With David – And RodMaker Magazine

I had another enjoyable evening with my seven year old son! He’s the best! Well, all of my sons are the best although I don’t get to see the older three as often as I’d like. But I’m told that one of the older ones will be making the trek from Ottawa to Orangeville to spend some time with me over the Christmas Holiday, and I’m looking forward to that. Perhaps we’ll get Colin started in some fly tying too.

This evening, David (the wee one – but he’s getting big and soon won’t like being called “wee”) watched the Toronto Maple Leafs beat (finally) the Boston Bruins. But during the second intermission, we decided to skip the Hot Stove Lounge and tie up some flies. David has been itching to tie up a chironomid ever since he learned more about them.  He’s caught lots of rainbow trout with this particular chironomid pattern, but he hadn’t tied one yet. It’s an easy tie for a wee fellow and he really didn’t even need any help from me – he just watched what I did.

One of the challenges I face with trying to teach David how to tie flies is that he is left-handed, whereas I am right handed. So everything is backwards to me, and I get mixed up on giving him instruction. But we muddle our way through it and usually after some giggles with some hand movements that seem to defy what is possible, we get our flies tied. But I’m learning to try to be more cognizant of that difference and David is getting better at figuring out what he should be doing with each hand when both are necessary.

Ok.. onto another piece of very important news for Canadian custom fishing rod builders. After a very long time, RodMaker Magazine is now available to Canadian Subscribers! I’ve entered an agreement with a partner in regard to a new business venture, and part of that will be making available RodMaker Magazine. If you’re a Canadian custom rod builder, you might want to take advantage of the introductory special offer that is now being offered with a subscription to RodMaker Magazine in Canada.

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