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More Snow!

It’s only February 1st, and there is lots more winter to come.  But already we’ve had several major snow storms and a good number of days with snow squalls blowing through, dropping quite a bit of precipitation in my part of the world.

Part of me hates it.  Another part though is quite happy.  I live in what is often referred to as the “Headwaters Region,” as within 20 miles are the headwaters of many rivers including the Credit, the Grand River, Nottawasaga, Pine, Conestogo, and a number of creek and stream systems.

Last summer, this area suffered a major drought with many of the lakes even being down.  Where there used to be water was dozens of feet of bare rock or soil.

So as much as I hate to drive in all this snow, shovel it, or otherwise deal with it, in another way it is likely to be a great blessing and hopefully will help to make up for the drought conditions of last year.

Let’s see.. this year is a leap year.. so.. that means  only 85 days left to Opening Day of the trout season here.  Well.. hopefully I’ll be able to get out and do some spring steelheading though, before Opening Day.

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