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Going To BC For Some Fly Fishing? Don’t Drink & Drive!

If you’re planning on heading to British Columbia this autumn for some fly fishing, you should be aware of some new penalties in regard to drinking and driving in that Province.  BC has introduced what is claimed to be the strictest in Canada, and you can read more about the new DUI penalties here.

Drinking and driving is a problem that needs to be eliminated, but I wonder if the Province has not gone too far.  Giving the police the ability to enforce roadside suspensions seems a bit too much in giving them Judicial powers they were never intended to have.  But that’s just my opinion.

On another note, three years ago I was on the second day of competing in the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships in Grande Prairie, Alberta. As I recall, I did manage a couple of fish while bank fly fishing at Kakut Pond. I also lost several fish that I should have brought to the net, but failed to do so out of sheer nervousness.  The fish I caught and hooked were on a variation of this Rabbit Strip Leech pattern.

In the afternoon session, I blanked during windy conditions on the algae filled Moonshine Lake, although I had a fish on and well hooked before I lost it using this chironomid.  That was toward the end of the session on Moonshine Lake, and when the fish hit and I began to fight it, I was so excited that I was not going to blank… and got nervous… and ended up losing the fish. I ended up blanking.

Ah well, it was a good time and fantastic experience. My report on the competition is here.

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