Chota Wading Jacket Review

If you're a hard core angler, you fish during autumn, spring and maybe even winter. And if you are looking for some outer wear that is more comfortable than what you have now, you will want to take a look at Jason Akl's review of the Chota CVX100 wading jacket.

chota CVX100 fishing jacket

Any dedicated fly angler who thinks he or she will being spending any amount of time fly fishing in inclement weather during the Winter or Spring months should give serious thought to owning a quality wading jacket. Not only do wading jackets provide the much needed protection from bone-chilling winds and snow-covered streams but these jackets also can come in very handy as rain gear, or fishing carry-alls. Available on the market are a wide variety of models and makes of different wading jackets making finding a jacket to best fit all your respective fly fishing needs extremely hard.

The Chota Outdoor Gear Company has come out with a new product called the CVX 100 deluxe wading jacket, and to say the least this jacket goes far beyond what all anglers expect and need for a days fishing even under the toughest of conditions. The CVX 100 deluxe wading jacket is loaded with features that make your time out on the water more productive and enjoyable in the long run.

Chota's CVX 100 Deluxe Wading Jacket Feature:

  • Patent Pending CVX Hood System
  • Toray Entrant Dermizax Fabric
  • Adjustable Neoprene Cuffs
  • Two Large Expandable Fly Box Products
  • Water Tight Valuables Pockets
  • Heavy Duty D-rings for Attaching Tools and Nets
  • Fleece Lined Pockets
  • Non-Rusting Zippers and Components

Chota's new CVX 100 wading jacket quality wading jacket above all else is suited to keep an angler dry and warm. The Dermizac material used for this coat was designed for the active angler providing exceptional breathability, while still retaining its waterproof structure. This special material is also very durable and resists tearing or puncturing. The jacket itself is lined to help keep the angler safe from chilly conditions but the spacey design allows the angler to layer up heavily when fishing extreme cold weather. In most quality wading jackets one or two waterproof pockets are included somewhere in the design to keep items like licenses, cell phones and wallets safe from the water. Truthfully speaking, most of these pockets are should be called water-resistant not waterproof, meaning they will keep water out in ordinary light rainy conditions but in a heavy downpour or with a unfortunate dunking in the river these pockets allowing water in soaking the contents. The two waterproof pockets included in Chota's CVX 100 wading coat are exactly what the name says waterproof, and keep all and any water from reaching your stored valuables.

The patent pending CVX hood system incorporated into this wading jacket allows for anglers to now be able to turn their heads from side to side with the hood following your every move, providing an unobstructed view of potential fishing targets. This system incorporates a series of button snaps into the hood design and an adjustable anchorage for your favorite hat, making your hood and head move together as one, and keeps your eyes on the target. Probably the simplest and best feature of this wading jacket is the sleek clean outer surface design that this jacket has. One of the biggest downfalls to most wading jackets available on the market is having too many small hang-ups included on the outside surface of the coats. One of the most frustrating things in fly fishing is having your line tangle and catch on your own clothing while casting or even worse when reeling in a large fish.

Chota's new wading jacket is clean of obstructions for the line to catch on: the main zipper system is concealed by an overlaying button down flap with low profile snaps, the Velcro wrist locks are hidden away with the outer Dermizac material cuffs and all the box pockets are stitched in a manner to avoid any extruding snags. Overall Chota's CVX 100 Deluxe wading jacket is a product that fly anglers of all skills from beginner to advanced and even professional guides will appreciate using on a daily basis. There is no secret to the fact that some of the best fishing occurs during the worst weather conditions. To help you better enjoy the fishing, and keep your mind off of the bad weather, you need the comfort and protection of this all-new wading jacket.

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