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Make Your Own Bobbin Threaders & Cleaners

Have problems threading your bobbin? It may need cleaning. Here's an article on how to easily make your own bobbin cleaners and threaders. Quick and simple. By Joe Branham

Getting your thread threaded through the bobbin tube can present some problems especially if the bobbin has been used for any length of time and you are using a waxed thread. The waxed thread causes a build-up of wax inside the bobbin tube and can restrict the easy of threading the bobbin.

One popular way to thread your bobbin is to place the thread at the bottom of the tube, stick the top of the tube in your mouth and suck the thread through. While this is an acceptable way, you do stand the chance of sucking some of the debris inside the tube into your mouth and this could cause you to choke. Cleaning the bobbin tube before you do this is recommended.

A more safe and easy way to thread your bobbin is to use a Bobbin Threader. There are numerous of these on the market but you can make one easily and quickly with materials that you already have on hand.

First, you should clean the inside of the bobbin tube before using any of these threaders unless you have a new or recently cleaned bobbin.

Bobbin Cleaner

It is very simple to make a bobbin cleaner. This cleaner is safe to use on just about any of the bobbins.

Take a piece of stiff mono that is slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the bobbin tube and stick the mono through the tube. I generally do this from the bottom of the tube with the mono sticking out the top.

Heat the end of the mono so that it forms a small ball.

Allow the mono to start to cool down and pull the mono into the top of the tube before the mono has completely cooled. This will force the mono to form to the inside of the tube. DO NOT DO THIS while the mono has just been melted - allow the mono to cool slightly.

Now you can pull the mono through the tube and it will clean out the debris. You might have to do this several times if your bobbin has not been cleaned in a while.

Bobbin Threaders

There are several ways to make an easy and quick threader by using trolling wire or mono. Here are three of the more easy to make.

Take a piece of stiff mono that is smaller than the diameter of the tube and cut it 6 inches longer than the tube. Take a razor blade and cut a diagonal slit or notch in the mono being careful to not completely cut through the mono.

Now you can push this through the tube, slip the thread into the slot and pull your thread.

Take a small diameter, stiff piece of mono and bend it into a "V" shape. Push this through the tube; place your thread into the "V" and pull. Take a small diameter piece of trolling wire; bend it into a "V" shape. Push this through the tube; place your thread into the "V" and pull. A word of caution on the use of wire - use only a stiff, smooth wire. Otherwise, you will stand a chance of nicking, grooving or scratching the inside of the tube which will cause your thread to fray.

Just one more word about your bobbins. If you find that your thread is fraying and you cannot see any nicks or grooves on the top portion of your bobbin, check the bottom of the tube. The thread comes into the bottom of the tubes on some of the bobbins at a very severe angle and can, eventually cause grooves or bad places at the bottom of the tube.