Split Cane Builders Today

It may come as a surprise to some to realize that some of the finest split cane rods are being made today, in this day and age of technology. In fact, even though the craft itself reminds us of a time gone by, when folk worked hard with their hands, and quality was not simply a buzword but a creed to work by, there are still many today who carry on in the traditions of the master rod builders.

Technology may in a sense be distant from them, yet in many ways, technology has even improved upon some of the works of the masters. No doubt, one may have all the fanciest and most up to date tools and still produce junk while a true craftsman with simple tools can produce works of great value, however, even many of those who still use simple tools are able to take advantage of such things as networking, taper archives, and email to learn of new and better techniques and material.

You will not find anyone who has become a millionaire from building cane rods. Perhaps some of the still existent large companies that are able to produce cane rods relatively quickly can show a profit in time, the truth is most rod crafters never realize their true monetary worth in time invested. Their reward remains their craft itself. Perhaps their reward is in the fact they are carrying on old values of quality, so often lost today. Perhaps its simply in the reward of knowing they themselves, as well as their customers or recipients of their work have used and caught some fish, and the rod was what brought the most pleasure.

Regardless of what the reward is, it exists, and today there remains many who are devoted to producing the finest fishing tools possible. Perhaps with a greater understanding of what sweat and love is put into each project, you will have a greater appreciation for this breed of craftsman and understand the true value of a fine split cane rod. Maybe you are not ready to purchase a rod, or maybe you wish to build one yourself. Maybe you never will own or handle one of these elegant works, you may want to browse through the sites of these craftsmen and learn more about the individuals continuing the art. Contact them, they are a fine bunch, always willing to share a thing or two with anyone about what they do.

When you discover the price of a finely crafted rod and realize the work, we are sure you will also realize it is an investment not only of your money but the investment of time spent by its maker.