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Wooley Bugger

Tied by Jack Soape For Our First Fly Swap

woolly bugger

Jack Soape of Texas, provided his version of the Wooley Bugger. It should be noted that the swap first came about because of Jack's interest in such an event. This young man, who is presently in Grade 6 is definitely going to become quite the fly tyer and fisher! If any of you need advice on catching panfish on the fly, Jack has some experience in this area.

His tying instructions are as follows:

Hook: Streamer 4XL
Tail: Black Marabou
Body: Black Chenille
Hackle: Grizzley

Wrap hook with black thread. Tie in tail. Secure. Tie in chenille and then hackle. Secure. Wrap chenille up the hook shank. Tie off. Wrap the hackle over the chenille and tie off. Whip finish and cement head.