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Copper & Orange Buzzer Fly

Looking for a great trout nymph pattern? Ian James provides step by step tying instructions for this pattern, which is well known on both sides of the Atlantic for its fish producing abilities. It's also simple to tie.

copper and orange buzzer fly pattern

The Pattern

Hook: Mustad 3399 or equivalent
Size: 12 to 16.
Thread: Black
Body: Copper Wire
Thorax: Orange Seal's Fur
Breathers: Four Strand White Floss

Tying Instructions:

1. Tie the thread onto the hook well down the bend. THIS is critical!!!

2. Tie in the wire

3. Wrap the thread to the eye (Tip: If you trap the tag of the wire below the hook shank, you won't get a bump in the body.)

4. Tie in the floss and trim away the excess

5. Dub the seal's fur

6. Whip finish and then trim the breathers.