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The Puke Fly By Ian Colin James

4 year old Willie McLennan invented this, according to Ian James. Great for pike, bass, and more.

puke fly pattern


Ian Says:
"Created by Willie McLennan, age 4, in 1993, this is a great fly for bass, carp, drum and redhorse. He noticed when hooked smallies regurgitated food, other fish would scoop it up. His first fly was made from white marabou, but we changed it to rabbit fur for durability. A lot of folk say they invented this, but Willie tied the first one. Larger sizes are good for pike and lake carp."

Hook: 3399 size 6 (range 2 - 6)
Tail: White rabbit (a 'strip' on larger sizes)
Body: Dubbed and well picked out white rabbit
Eyes: A pair of stainless steel beadchain