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Sow Bug

"What did you catch them on?" Answer is always "The sow bug."
Tied By Mike Hawkins
Mike is no stranger to the About fly swaps and has enthusiastically participated in every one thus far. This time around, Mike's submission was the Sow Bug, which he wrote, "It's kind of a funny story that on the Little Red River the standard answer to, 'what did you catch them on', is always sow bug."

sow bug fly pattern

Tying instructions:

1. Secure hook (size 16 to 20) to vice. These instructions are based on a size 16 hook.

2. Lay a thread base to the bend of the hook and wrap 8 to 10 turns of size .015 lead and flatten (I wrap the thread over the lead to the eye and back to the bend to help hold the lead in place).

3. Back at the bend of the hook use a dubbing loop to hold a 1" length of thread to be used as ribbing later.

4. Tie ina 1/8" strip of swiss straw material (I use strips about 1" long and tie about two bugs from each strip) and fold to the back of the hook.

5. Dub on tan, olive, or brown to the eye of the hook.

6. Fold the flash back material to the eye of the hook and lash down.

7. Twist the thread in the dubbing loop and wrap forward as ribbing.

8. Pick the dubbing fibers out from the sides, and bottom of the fly (I have found a wire brush from a gun cleaning kit works great).