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Reed Buck Emerger

Tied by Byard Miller for our first fly swap.

reedbuck emerger fly pattern

The Reed Buck Emerger is an impressionistic fly intended to be fished in the surface film. If floatant is used, it should ONLY be applied to the wing so that the fly will ride low in the wawter. Designed as a caddis emerger, it is actually so generic that it will also represent many of the smaller mayfly species. It is super easy to tie, so don't be afraid to fish it in those "Damn...I'm probably gonna lose this bug" places. Tying instructions are short and sweet...


HOOK: Dai-Riki #135
THREAD: Camel 8/0 UNI
BODY: Olive Dyed Turkey Biot
WING: Dark Mountain Reedbuck Hair
HEAD: Blended Grey Bunny Dubbing

After attaching your tying thread, tie in the tip of a turkey biot half way around the bend of the hook. Advance your thread to the head position and wrap and tie off the biot. Stack a small amount of Reedback and tie on a short wing so that it rides high on the upper curve of the hook. Finish off with a small head of dubbed rabbit and whip it..ready to throw in your flybox!

If you're unfamiliar with Mountain Reedbuck, it's a native to Africa. The fur is very fine and solid, unlike deer hair, so there is minimal flare when tying it in. Any similar hair would make an appropriate substitute...squirrel tail comes to mind. Vary your colors of the three ingredients and you should be able to match just about any insect.