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Quinchat's Glimmer

Tied by Dennis Bertram for our first Fly Swap.

quinchat's glimmer fly pattern

HOOK: TMC100, Size 12
THREAD: 0/6 Black
TAIL & BODY: 6 Strands of Pheasant Tail
FLASH BAND: Small Gold Holographic Tinsel
SOFT HACKLE: Small Gray Feathers From Neck of Hungarian Partridge

Tie in tail at bend of hook, one body length long. Bind with 4 turns. Do not trim.

Tie in tinsel with one turn of thread over tail, and then lift pheasant barbs and bind tag to shank. Move thread to eye leaving room for hackle and head.

Secure pheasant barbs in hackle pliers and twist. Form body and take one additional twist with hackle pliers after each turn over shank. Bind down and cut excess.

Bring tinsel forward as a flat band along side of body and tie down.

Prepare soft hackle by holding feather with butt toward you and concave surface down. Strip barbs from left hand side of feather.

With concave surface toward shank, tie in the tip. Using small hackle pliers, take 1 turns around shank, steering hackle by twisting pliers to form a slight natural curve toward rear of fly.

Form head and secure with double half hitches.

Best in riffle water fished on the swing. Also can be used as a tail fly with a weighted nymph on a dropper.