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Bead Head Prince Nymph

Tied By Rich McGaughey

prince nymph fly pattern

Rich's Notes and Instructions:


HOOK: Size 12
HEAD: Gold or Brass Bead
BODY: Peacock Hurl
RIBBING: Gold Tinsel
TAIL: Brown Goose Biots
WING: White Goose Biot
HACKLE: Brown Folded From Hen
Very Light Lead Wire
Dubbing In Green

Slide a bead onto your hook, apply 5-7 wraps of thin lead wire , start the thread . Tie in two brown goose biots, split for the tail. Split, meaning at an angle of about 45 degrees to one another. Next, secure the end of the gold tinsel. Now tie in 4-6 pieces of peacock. Palmer the hurl onto the hook . Tie off the hurl and tie off just on top of the lead . Now spiral the gold tinsel forward for the ribbing on the body. Tie in the tip of a brown wet fly hackle and make one to two spirals of the hackle. Next take 2 pieces of white stripped goose and tie them in just behind the bead for the wings, split these just as you did the tail. Lightly dub the thread over the wings. Whip finish.