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Harry Foam Beetle

Tied by Jack Miller for our first fly swap.

harry foam beetle fly pattern

Jack Miller tied up an awesome looking foam beetle. I loved the finished fly, and hope you will too. This one sure looks like it could be productive for all sorts of fish.

His tying instructions are as follows:

Dressing: Harry foam beetle
Type: Beetle/Grasshooper
Natural: Beetle ()
Hook: Mustard 37160 Size: 10
Thread: Black Size: 6/0
Legs: Black
Hackle: Optional
Wingcase: black foam
Body: Black Chenille

1. Cut foam 2' long by 1/4"
2. Tie on thread & cover shank
3. Tie on foam tightly around hook so extra hangs off of the back.
4. Tie in tip of hackle. trailing off back
5. Tie in chenille on back 2/3 of hook.
6. Wrap chenille forward to 3/4 point. tie in and trim
7. Palmer hackle to same point. tie in and trim.
8. Fold foam forward. Tie in as body. Move thread forward to behind eye. Tie in foam again as head.
9. Trim foam. Whip finish.
10. Head cement foam bottom and head.
11. Fish!

Thanks Jack!