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Dark Olive Matuka

Tied By Jerry Young for our first ever fly swap.

dark olive matuka fly pattern

Jerry's Notes and Instructions:

Jerry used this in February, 1999 in the high Andes of Chile. On those overcast days, when the fish weren't active, this fly helped as an attractor.


HOOK: Partridge D3ST #6 Straight Eye
THREAD: Dyna Cord 8/0
RIB: Medium Gold
WEIGHT: 12 Wraps of .025
BODY: Tan Acrlyic Yarn
THORAX: Rust Color Yarn
PECT. FINS: Wing Coverlet Of Partridge
HEAD: Can Use Black, Brown, With Yellow Nose
Can also use Mara wool in place of spun deer hair
Do not pack tight, or fly will float.