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Clan Chief Variant

Tied by Graeme Callander for our Uni-Products Swap.

clan chief variant fly pattern

Graeme's Notes and Instructions:

HOOK: Kamasan B170 Size 10
THREAD: UNI 6/0 Wine
TAIL: Glo-Brite Flourescent Floss Yellow 10 and Red 4
BUTT: Gold Tinsel
RIB: Gold Wire
BODY: Claret SLF
HACKLE: Black and Claret Cock

The original Clan Chief had a black seal fur body and omitted the butt.


1. Wind thread from the hook eye to hook bend.

2. Tie in fluorescent floss for tail - red on top of yellow.

3. Tie in gold tinsel and wind on two layers to form butt.

4. Tie in gold wire to form rib.

5. Dub on Claret SLF and wind forward to hook eye and form body.

6. Select and tie in a black and a claret cock hackle together.

7. Wind both hackles together palmer fashion along the body.

8. Catch and secure hackles by winding gold wire rib forward and secure at hook eye with a whip finish.

9. Varnish head.

I fish this fly on the top dropper of a three fly cast on the lochs of Shetland. It has been my most successful fly on floating and sinking lines for wild brown trout.