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Asquam Smelt

Tied By Paul Minickeillo

asquam smelt fly pattern

Paul's Notes and Instructions:

This streamer pattern was, as far as I know first tied by Bob Ferri of Dudley Brook Fly Company. Bob had given me the streamer, which I had carried around for many years before using it. This has become my first choice for ice-out landlocks.

As far as I can tell, Bob originated this fly and it came to me un-named. I named it for the swap. I added the rib and spruced up the bucktail.


HOOK: Mustad 94720
THREAD: Black Mono
TAIL: Red Duck Quill, Curve Up
BODY: Gold Flat Tinsel
RIB: Embossed Gold Tinsel (Note: I coat the tinsel with Dave's Flexament for durability at this point)
THROAT: Red Duck Quill, Curve Down
UNDERWING: Sparse Chartreuse Bucktail (Too Much, The Fly Doesn't Swim Right!)
OVERWING: Pintail Feather

Whip Finish